T-List Group on Twitter: Finally a Talking Community?

T_List Group on Twitter
Thank You, Claude

After my previous post there was some more discussion on Twittter and in the meantime an unrelated Twitterer, The Carol of the Chines language Blog 太妃糖憂鬱狂歡節│Carol's Carnival mentioned the the possibility of Group Twittering via Group Tweet. That ticked us off.

In the meantime Elliot NG of the Uptake blog posted about the Travel Bloggers on Twitter in his post The T-List does Twitter: Join the Twitterati and gave a list of Twittering Travel Bloggers.

At the same time Elliot took it one step further and formed together with me Twitter | T-List as a Twitter Group.

It is very simple to use. If you want to join you simply follow Tlist. For the time being everybody is welcome. As a sort of group e-mail you can send a private message to the Tlist either via the update screen as “d Tlist” with your message. Alternatively you can send a Direct Message via the sidebar of your homepage on Twitter. The third possibility is to message in the homepage of Tlist (provided you are a follower). If things get hairy it may be necessary to close some possibilities in order to make the group more private.

Before I even knew how it worked The LA Times Travel Blog took notice and posted about it in their Daily Post



Chris of Vacant Ready, formerly located in Vancouver but now in Cairo, took it another step further and created a mini Blog that is fed by the RSS feed of Twitter | T-List at TravelTwit. On TravelTwit you can get an impression of the discussions. This is also a great way to follow our conference tigers like Kevin or William.

A real Mish Mash!

This all is going really fast and is really exiting. I hope the travel community and travel blog sphere adopt this tool as a great and easy way to connect and communicate.

3 thoughts on “T-List Group on Twitter: Finally a Talking Community?”

  1. I’m super excited to be working on this with you @HappyHotelier!

    Thanks for being such a passionate advocate for community around the Travel blogosphere. As you can see, I’m a social media junkie and all for trying new things….thanks for being a co-conspirator on this experiment!!

  2. @Elliotng @HappyHotelier – tx again for setting the twtitter list up. Wanted to apologize for the recent duplicate tweets of some of our posts. Not intentional spam by any means. We’re working the kinks out of our RSS feed validation + script that auto-tweets our blog headlines. Let’s just say we’re in bad need of an upgrade to wordpress 2.5. AA cancelling hundreds more flights on Fri. Is there no end in sight?

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