I’ve Collected some Twittering Travel Bloggers at Netvibes

Until they launched their Ginger version, I wasn’t much impressed by Netvibes. I like their new Ginger public page idea and the possibility to group feeds on one page. A bit unfortunate is that I see no possibility to make screen shots of public pages on Netvibes.

Following a Twitter conversation with Elliot NG of Uptake, which was formerly known as Kango until they changed their name into Uptake (sounds as the artist….), I put some travel bloggers that I follow on twitter together on the page Happy Hotelier | Travel Bloggers @ Twitter.

For those of you who are not yet Twitterers (or Twiterati or Tweeps or Twitnits?), it is easy to sign up with Twitter and use the feeds of my collection to start following your favorite Travel Bloggers.

Despite several attempts to build a real Travel Bloggers Community the result is not very promising. On Twitter there is at least some ongoing communication.

Again if you want to follow me on twitter: @Happy Hotelier

3 thoughts on “I’ve Collected some Twittering Travel Bloggers at Netvibes”

  1. @HappyHotelier,

    History has shown that 1 person can ALWAYS make a difference, and you are that man! I think Twitter is an excellent method for Travel Twits (or Travel Tweeple) to connect and build community. Its good for asynchronous conversations, and for sharing bits of info, and for relationship building.

    Thanks for getting this list started over at NetVibes! I’ll post about this too at the UpTake blog when I get a chance.

  2. Correction: I am at UpTake (formerly known as Kango). You made it sound like I left Kango (now known as UpTake). But I am still there!

  3. Thank you, Elliott

    YOU got me thinking and while you were “in the Metro” I concocted this.

    I’ll rephrase your present status (albeit that it then seems like the musician formerly known as Prince:-)

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