Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community: T-Listers and L-Listers Unite!

WiWiH Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community

After my July review of the current situation in T-List and L-List Blogland (T-List and L-List: The Next Step: Community Building), I noted the following developments:

  • Albert Barra has created an English language channel on his Spanish Blog (pff I lost the link but here it is: Travel Web Cafe)
  • I found myself temporarily booted from Facebook
  • I looked further into WiWiH and found out that already 19 T-Listers are a member of WiWiH (see Happy Hotelier on WiWiH )
  • Travolution Blog tried to separate the dogs from the sheep in their post The Recommended
  • There will be a e-connect conference in Vancouver
  • The conference will be covered with a book with T-List tips

Probably I missed a few.

Because I felt uncomfortable with some solutions or felt they were not working as they should and because I felt comfortable within WiWiH and with some of their forums I participate in, I asked the WiWiH people if they would be willing to host a Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community.

They gracefully honored the request.

Invitation for You!

So I am proud to invite all professional Hospitality and Travel Bloggers to join WiWiH | Hospitality and Travel Community. If you are a WiWiH member already just knock to get in, otherwise register free at WiWiH and then knock to get in.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community: T-Listers and L-Listers Unite!”

  1. ok now lets point comments like this to the WIWIH group you created, to encourage a wider discussion. ­čśë
    Once I am accepted in the WIWIH group I will point there too from my blog.

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