Happy Hotelier on WiWiH

After the recent Facebook unpleasantnesses I looked again at WiWiH (Who Is Who in Hospitality). [ed: I checked it in december 2015 and WiWih seems now also part of the Dead Travel Blog society].

Earlier I stayed away from it for the same reason as I stayed away from Hyves (the Dutch My Space alternative), Second Life, My Space, Twitter and other community sites only meant for school going kids….as I should have stayed away from Facebook…..which also originated from a bunch of school going kids….as WIWIH seemingly originates from Maastricht in The Netherlands and seems to have strong ties with the Hotel School of Maastricht.

Looking further into it, I found a professional site that started in March 2006 and still presents itself as being in Beta. It has over 12,000 members who are all related to the hospitality industry.

WiWiH offers its members the possibility to create a free WiWhH Blog or to syndicate their own Blog with WiWih which is a clever feature. However, the navigation of the WiWiH Blogs deserves a bit enhancement.

Guess what? Happy Hotelier is not the only one creating a syndicated Blog WIWIH Blogs | Happy Hotelier on WIWIH:

I found a couple of fellow travel bloggers and T-List members that have a syndicated Blog on WIWIH: [Update: I’ve ltaken away the links of WiWiH]

To name a few.

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