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Note: I have reworked this post entirely on December 30, 2009.

Sometimes I get requests to pay attention to this or to that. Sometimes I honor those requests, sometimes I definitely won’t honor them and sometimes I forget them.

Some time ago someone (I’ll refer to him further as Mr X) asked me to give his Blog some attention. I forgot, but recently remembered that there was a rumor that a real online casino would be established on the (in)famous Principality of Sealand about which Island Mr X had written once in one of his posts on his blog, as I did myself in February, which rumor seems a recurring rumor…without becoming true.

Added September 25, 2007:

According to the first commenter to this post, there is somebody out there who claims Mr X to be a fraud. I really don’t know and don’t want to get involved in a feud. I don’t know who to believe. The commenter doesn’t give away a lot of information about her/himself. So be careful who to believe! This is especially the case as there is another Private Islands Blog Out there: The Official Private Islands Blog.
Again: Who to believe?

Added December 30, 2009
Mr X commented somewhere here on the blog on December 18, 2009 out of the blue:

Dear Sir, the following page has numerous highly libelous links attacking me, can you please delete the page?

The Private Islands Blog

and gave his name telephone number and e-mail address.

[ there were two spelling errors in his comment that I redressed here. Because of the highly personal information I’ve deleted the comment ]

My reaction was this:

Mr X
I don’t agree that the post is libelous it self.
I’m not here to attack you.
Therefore I’ll make the post private.

And you know what? The original link he gave me is now a dead blog anyway….

But after making this post privat, I got 404 errors when people were trying to reach this post.

I now have published the Rules of Engagement to make more clear what I want and don’t want here.

Thereafter I have reworked this post and made it public again to make it visible for everyone ….and deleted the comment with the links that mr X may or may not find libelous. Again I don’t want to get involved.

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