Happy Hotelier banned from Facebook?

Your account has been disabled by an administrator. Please contact disabled@facebook.com from your login email for more information.

That is the message I get on my login page after I have invited a couple of fellow members of the T-List group on Facebook (Facebook | T-List Group) as friends. I really don’t know what I did wrong. Did I invite too many fellow T-Listers in one session? If that is the case, it would be helpful if one got a warning in the inviting process, such as MyBlogLog does by simply indicating that you are linking to too many persons for the day after they had to limit the daily hooking up to a maximum of 20 because frequent hooking up generated too much traffic on their site. I didn’t keep count of the number of invites I sent, but it were maybe 12 or 15 invites, on a total number of group members of not more that 35 or 38 and several members are (or better said maybe “were”) on my Friends list already.

I have send an e-mail inquiry as suggested, even two, but am getting nothing else back than an automatic reply that they “are looking into it and will answer as soon as possible”.

Thereafter I noted several times that the site was not approachable. Are they facing capacity problems or are they maybe subject to a hackers attack and trying to plug the holes? I can imagine that, like credit card companies, Facebook has tons of information that hackers would drivel about. There are already some rumors in the Blog community that the information Facebook collects makes it very vulnerable for identity theft.

By this action Facebook has definitely sunken on my radar and on my list of possible platforms for building a T-List and a L-List Community. Isn’t that what communities are about: Linking with as much as possible people with the same passion?

Post Alia (added August 3, 2007)

Facebook reinstated me yesterday and explained that a Facebook user is not allowed to send the same text several times as such could be construed as spam…..that is exactly what I did with several invites. No warning was given, at least not noticed by me. The site was on and off, so maybe that caused the problem of not showing the warning. Sending several invites without text is not considered as spam. I still don’t get it…..

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  1. There have been a lot of updates to Facebook lately, sometimes things are down from maintenance. I a recent college grad and joined when Facebook when it was strictly college students and alumni only. Now they are turning into a sort of well designed MySpace and maybe can’t handle it all so much right now. There has been a great deal of backlash from college members who don’t want Facebook open to high school kids and Regular Joe’s. Maybe this is their way of regulating “unkowns”? Either way, just give it a day and you should be fine I think. Just rememebr what Facebook is supposed to be, and maybe find another online community.

  2. Hallo Happy Hotelier,
    I was one of those who you wanted to invite. I received your invitation mail and was happy that the T-List-Group at Facebook is going forward. And then all this trouble. At Facebook wasn´t any Happy Hotelier, no invitation in the inbox, no person with his name, nothing ! Oh god, spam, hacker, …Then I checked other social networks. Of course anybody who is writing a blog and is intersted in the T-List must be member in one of the big social networks. And I found the Happy Hotelier. I am happy again, he is real person, looks not like a hacker. Next step – send an invitation in this nezwork. I am not sure did You receive it ? There is no response yet.
    Hallo Babeli,
    I cant agree with with you. All the press in the last weeks is about Facebook as the big competitor to almost all. Of course a competitor to such social networks as XING or LinkedIn. Facebook – the new Google. Facebook – the first online OS. What do You mean that Facebook is supposed to be is past. The Facebook company is now on the big run and then they have to behave so.
    I think the T-List is at Facebook at the right place. It is in the moment the best place to build a community.
    Kind Regards
    Who was: http://www.eastservices.de

  3. Hello Babeli and Detlef,
    Thanks for the effort to pass my spam measures like registering and awaiting moderation. I feel a little comforted by your comments as I feel really embarrassed by this ban by Facebook and Detlefs comment confirms what I thought: My presence is wiped off for the moment and what will all the ones who I invited think….
    Detlef, would you be so kind as to publish a short note on the wall of Facebook | T-List Group about what happened? Then the other members will be aware what happened and no, I did not receive yet your invitation.
    Guido AKA Happy Hotelier

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