Dutch Design (12): DryBike Umbrella Holder

Drybike Umbrella Holder 1
Drybike Umbrella Holder 2

Thanks to Constance, the Blogging Stewardess I came across this nifty gadget of Drybike the umbrella holder to put on your bike.

Very helpful in this rainy country with more bikes (approx 18 mio) than inhabitants (approx 17 mio).

I would advise to use the Senz Storm Umbrella that has less chance to fly away (with you) in case of strong wind.

One thought on “Dutch Design (12): DryBike Umbrella Holder”

  1. Hallo! Please can you tell me the weight and the prize (+ shipping) of this umbrella holder? Thanks for answer.
    Alois Wimmer, Austria

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