Dutch Design (11): White Lacquered Rietveld Red and Blue Chair fetches record at Christie’s

Rietveld White Red and Blue Chair
White Rietveld Red and Blue Chair
Photo thanks to Christie’s

Today was an important Rietveld day at Christie’s in Amsterdam.

Not many people will know (at least I didn’t know) that before Dutch Chair Designer Gerrit Rietveld painted the Red Blue Rietveld Chair red and blue, inspired as he then must have been by Piet Mondriaan, another member of De Stijl Groep (pronounce as:”the Style Group”), he made several mono colored ones.

Today this white lacquered example has been sold at a Christie’s auction in Amsterdam for a record amount of Euro 264,000, while Christie’s estimate was between Euro 50,000 and 80,000. Please do not forget the extras for Christie’s on top of that amount!

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