Away with Google Adsense and Hurray for Google Reader

After my previous post I found out that indeed Google Reader gives you a possibility to add a widget to your own Blog which I have now installed. At the same time I have removed the Google AdSense widget, because collecting cents from clicks is not my primary aim with this Blog. I just Blog for the fun of it, to share with my readers and to learn an awful lot. Besides the adwords Google believes it has to insert are weird.
So let’s see how it works and what is your opinion?

5 thoughts on “Away with Google Adsense and Hurray for Google Reader”

  1. I don’t think that the Google Adsense ad was obtrustive, but I’ve gone the same way with only adding small Google Ads within the travel articles [not the blog posts]

    What does the Google reader widget do? Have you visited because it has tons of plugins – and i mean TONS!

  2. I use AdSense within posts and, although it makes only a modest sum on the blog alone, collectively across all our sites we do very well from AdSense. Then again, we do have over 300 sites now… 🙂


  3. @ Darren

    The Google “widget” is a simple javascript that you can generate on Google Reader’s site and then copy and paste in your side bar.

    Only problem I have is that I don’t like the Googles of this world to see what RSS feeds I read on their own puters. Even if the feeds are totally innocent. Over the weekend I was shocked to hear the news here in NL that the CIA seems to have unlimited direct access to SWIFT data (29,000 something banks use SWIFT!), without (at least the Dutch) bank clients being aware of this…think economic espionage.. What access does Bush c.s. more. I wouldn’t be surprised they scrape EVERYTHING from the WWW as well. Then I rather read my Feeds on my own puter and push it onto this blog, although I realize it will also be subject to traffic sniffing.

    Well, what can you do?



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