After The T-List: The L-List

On 7th March Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog launched the L-List

Calling all luxury bloggers!

Inspired by the recent T-List that’s doing the rounds, I thought it’s about time we started an L-List. As you may have guessed, L-List stands for Luxury List, and it provides luxury bloggers a means of being discovered. You might be blogging about any aspect of the luxury arena… cars… fashion… food and wine… travel… whatever. My goal is simple: I want the hard work of many luxury bloggers out there (Allison, Ava, Courtney, Deidre, Mary, Nicole, etc. – note to self: where are all the male luxury bloggers?!) to be recognized and hopefully the L-List can help in achieving that.

Pffff I am counting already 27 Blogs…What do I add?

Happy Reading over the weekend!

Well, I did believe I Blog about Luxury Travel and Luxury Accommodation…if you don’t believe me, please check out Happy Hotelier’s Luxury Tag, but alas I didn’t make it (yet) to the L-List (-:.

Look here for Paul’s Technorati Ranking.

Finally: From now on I will try to stay away from Lists for some time, because it can easily become an addiction 🙂

Added 14 March:

Well nobody less than Mary Winston Nicklin of The Informed Traveller was so kind to add me to the list.

2 thoughts on “After The T-List: The L-List”

  1. Hi Guido

    Thanks for picking up on this. I got torn as to whether to add you from the start since I know you don’t blog exclusively about luxury issues. I am glad to see you stumbled upon it, however, and of course you’ll be included on any future lists from people finding you on this blog entry.

    The L-list is not seeming to spread quite as quickly as the T-list (I guess there are far fewer people blogging on luxury issues than travel issues) but it’s starting to appear on one or two blogs now.

    I’ll do an update in a week or two with a revised list showing all the additional entries to the list, from various sources, so you’ll be sure to be on the list that time around. 🙂

    As for what to add… there are – perhaps surprisingly – lots of others out there that I haven’t included.

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks Paul,

    I found you in my askimet filter as i have set commenting subject to registration. People have to log in.

    You are registered. Do you remember your password? If not send me a private e-mail.

    I will see what will happen with the L-List. You are right: I blog only about half the time about Luxury items. See also my next post. is thus far a nice tool. Look at my pages. You should (have somebody to) develop a L-List logo as well 🙂



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