See Through Reading Tray by Yu Hun Kim

See Through Reading Tray by Yu Hun Kim

I like to share this See Through Reading Tray by Yu Hun Kim with you, because a cuppa java with something to read is an ultimate moment of luxury relaxation. With this tray you can have both pleasures at once, even in your hotel bed!

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Don’t Fear the Middle Seat



Amusing solution to an awkward situation.

The seat diners dread the most is the uncomfortable center place, right where two tables join. Murphy’s Law comes into action and invariably one table is slightly taller than the other, causing an up-down situation! With the dedicated Plate For People Who Sit Between Two Tables, I’m sure we can tackle the awkward scene, and just for the novelty of eating off this cool plate, I’m willing to sit in the middle!
Designer: Shira Nahon

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Tukaani Chopsticks for Westerners by Lincoln Kayiwa


No, this has nothing to do with a diaper- or hair pin, although it looks like it.

Helsinki, Finland, based designer Lincoln Kayiwa has designed the sterling silver Tukaani, a hand made connected set of chopsticks for the clumsy among us. A killer tool for the Sushi aficionado.

The loop is the key element: It holds and let you manipulate the chopsticks and can also be used to hang, store and display the Tukaani.

Lincoln Kayiwa was born in an architectural family in Kampala, Uganda in 1979. He graduated as a Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH in 2008. Upon graduating he started his own brand product design company Kayiwa. He currently lives and works in Helsinki, Töölö.

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Dutch Design (44): Victor and Rolf for Samsonite Black Label

Victor and Rolf for Samsonite Black Label.
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Kitchen Critic – French Fry Cups by Maxwell & Williams

A “Patatje Met” or “Frietje Met”, the Dutch version of the chips that go with the British fish, Is a portion of French Fries with …. Mayonnaise and not with Ketchup. The mayonnaise part is so typically Dutch a habit, that foreigners usually look with raised eyebrows when Dutch order their fries met (=with). This very luxurious Fries holder is a have to have:-)

In this era of healthy living a warm plate of chips has become something of a luxury. So I’m not surprised to find these national favourites are now being given a bit of glamour. Maxwell & Williams have taken inspiration from the traditional chippy paper cone and created a sculptural French Fry Cup. The tall sweeping cup is available in a pure white or a newsprint pattern and comes with a matching dip cup. An eye-catching side dish for your next fish or burger, the Newsprint pattern is available from while the White is available from Havens.

Newsprint French Fry Cup – £7.50
White French Fry Cup – £6.00

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