Kitchen Critic – French Fry Cups by Maxwell & Williams

A “Patatje Met” or “Frietje Met”, the Dutch version of the chips that go with the British fish, Is a portion of French Fries with …. Mayonnaise and not with Ketchup. The mayonnaise part is so typically Dutch a habit, that foreigners usually look with raised eyebrows when Dutch order their fries met (=with). This very luxurious Fries holder is a have to have:-)

In this era of healthy living a warm plate of chips has become something of a luxury. So I’m not surprised to find these national favourites are now being given a bit of glamour. Maxwell & Williams have taken inspiration from the traditional chippy paper cone and created a sculptural French Fry Cup. The tall sweeping cup is available in a pure white or a newsprint pattern and comes with a matching dip cup. An eye-catching side dish for your next fish or burger, the Newsprint pattern is available from while the White is available from Havens.

Newsprint French Fry Cup – £7.50
White French Fry Cup – £6.00

Via Kitchen Critic [site has disappeared]

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