Hoesch Water Lounge – Luxurious Chaise Lounge And Bathtub Hybrid – Born Rich

This wonderful tub concept has been designed by NOA Design for Hoesch. The Hoesch Water Lounge is actually a chaise lounge and bathtub hybrid that flawlessly merges the soothing qualities of a lounger and a bathtub into a single product. The fully transparent tub side panels are supported by a metal construction that reveals the exceptional design of the whole thing. The chair features little gaps to allow bubbles that will comfort you. Moreover, the tub filler is integrated into the 1.4 meter high swiveling halogen lamp. I am all impressed with the neat and graceful make of the Hoesch Water Lounge. This water lounge looks to be a perfect example we can quote to describe a luxury bathtub.

Found it at Born Rich, but it appears Born Rich isn’t interested in baths anymore.

Just another hobby of mine: Designer Bathtubs

Bath with a view (2)

Whey Bath

After the previous post I couldn’t help but Google with the search term “Bath with a view” and find this Scuol Tarasp Warm Whey Bath.

Like Cleopatra’s usual practice:

An experiences you will one day tell your grandchildren about: Sitting in a wooden tub, high up in the mountains, while the soothing warmth of whey water with a temperature of 38° Celsius runs over your body? Relaxed and happy you will not only enjoy this bath under the sky but also the surrounding panoramic views. Isn’t this prospect truly heart warming? Don’t you agree?

The whole experience is salubrious, too: The whey water, rich in lactic acid, is a time-tested natural remedy. It softens the skin, regenerates and protects it. It also relieves allergies and certain skin conditions.

One or two persons can spend 30 minutes or longer in this unusual bath. But please note: Whey is a valuable by-product of cheese production. Because every day cheese is freshly produced on this Alp, only 1 whey bath per day can be offered. Early reservations are absolutely necessary.
The price per bath is CHF 40.–.
Plan on a 1 1/2 hour hike from Tarasp to the Alp.

Bath with a view

Japan Hyatt

A bathroom in a suite of the Seoul Park Hyatt in South Korea gives this variation on the theme “A Room with a View”.

Apparently the rather puritan journalist who coined it The Best place to get naked in Time Asia is more concerned whether you can be seen from the outside on this umpteenth floor than he can enjoy the freedom of presiding in your Adam’s costume here.