Happy 2007!

I hope 2007 makes all of you (and me) as happy as 2006 made me happy!

It was a happy year for me, 2006. I started this Blog adventure and are having fun with it, although it takes a lot of time which I do not always have. It takes more time than you would anticipate before you start. Because of the amount of time involved I believe that the number or derelict Blogs will soar in 2007 and that the number of new Blogs started will decrease.

The last days of a year often makes you wonder how many unfinished objects, or UFOs you have left unfinished.

Here are some of my UFOs postponed to 2007:

  • Suite with a Vault, about Palais Coburg in Vienna that was completely renovated into a luxury all suite hotel;
  • Report about our visit to Berlin and stay in Propeller Island City Lodge;
  • report about our visits to Vienna and stay in Style Vienna;
  • Web two Bubble (web2.0) and what it means for the Hotelier;
  • Finalizing the translating of the Dutch posts and fine tune the instant translation possibility of this site;
  • Further developing the style of this site. I would love to have a multi style switch installed, so that the reader can choose which style he likes best;
  • Bring you more news about Dutch Hotel Design;
  • The Ferragamo Portrait Suites in Rome;
  • The Nitenite Hotel in Birmingham;
  • pay attention to What Woman Want
  • And many more…



As part of my efforts of manually translating Dutch language posts of the other Blog at Weekendhotel, I stumbled upon and are experimenting with WordPress Translation Plug in’s.

Currently I am experimenting with WordPress Translate version 2.0, developed by Scott Hough.

This Plug in uses the Google translation machine for some languages and the Alta Vista translation machine for some other languages. Not all languages are working yet as the Alta Vista links seem not entirely in order, but Scott seems to be developing a newer version… will be continued

Update: In the meantime I have deleted this plugin as it gave too many conflicts and OOM errors at the server level.

Further Update: At the top of the right column I’ve installed a Google translation plugin. I hope it helps people with another language than English to understand this blog.

Updated January 2017

Wow! A Gehry Hotel

I have now translated posts from the Dutch language Weekendhotel Weblog that I co author June, 2004 up to June, 2006 and will continue translating, but so much is happening that I have to continue posting in real time and slow down the translating.

No better restart than with this Spanish Luxury Collection Hotel Marques De Riscal in Elciego, 110 km south east of Bilbao.


It is located in the middle of a vineyard. Frank O. Gehry is said taking the commission only after having tasted a superb 1929 (his year of birth) Marques De Riscal in the cave of the oldest and probably most prestigious winery of the Rioja appellation about eight years ago. The opening done by The King of Spain, it features 43 suites at an US $88 mio investment. It includes a wine therapy spa, an exhibition area, wine tasting rooms and a restaurant.

Thanks to:USA Today

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Yes I do remember where I was: Under way to a building meeting, when my DW called in shock and I went back to see the life feeds on TV of those horrific hours. I will never forget the footage of people in sheer panic sky diving from Twin Towers head along…

Google's amazing catch of Happy Hotelier

Only 7 days after Happy Hotelier is airborn and thanks to the intro of Willem on Weekendhotel, the search term “Happy Hotelier” gives this weblog a Google search rank rank # 2 after Willem’s intro as # 1

Usually it takes a lot more time until Google spots you.

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