Ski Joering or Skikjoering

Ski Joring (Joering) originated in Scandinavia, but is done all over Europe, Canada and the USA. Basically it is skiing behind a horse a couple of dogs or cars or motorbikes.

The first time I saw it in real life was in the mid fifties on lake St Moritz, the famous Swiss wintersport resort. In 1928 when the first Olympic Winter Games were held in St Moritz, Skijoering or skikjoering was a demonstration sport. Thereafter it didn’t come trough however.

In the next video you can see that it is embedded in the White Turf racing days on the ice of lake St Moritz between proper horse racing with a jockey and trotting races where the jockey is behind the horse in a cart (sulky):

In the USA it goes a bit different. There the skier has to slalom and take some obstacles. More with a Mid West air to it.

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