10 Years Happy Hotelier

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10 Years Happy Hotelier

In June, 2004, I started as a co editor of the Dutch Language blog Weekendhotel and on August 23, 2006 Happy Hotelier was born. So while celebarting 10 years of Happy Hotelier, I may not be allowed to call myself a veteran blogger anymore. Now maybe I should call myself a Jurassic Blogger with 12 years of blogging behind my belt.

Still planning to continue this blog in the foreseeable future.
and off course my other blogs:
Absolutely The Hague,
Haagspraak, and
Art en Route

2 thoughts on “10 Years Happy Hotelier”

  1. Congratulations my friend. I started writing about hotels in 1999, and now my blog is about art, with occasional tourism pieces thrown in. Great fun isn’t it? If you ever want a piece from me, well, as Dickens said, “Barkis is willing”….

    1. Heya Patrick…as soon as I’m at your side of the Channel or Chunnel, we’ll have to meet….or vise versa off course…

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