Where are They Hosting?

During my research into a reliable web hosting alternative I had discovered Wikipopia (formerly Serversiders), but Wikipopia disappeared since and I found similar tools at Whoishostingthis and Whois Domaintools

So I’ve checked a couple of sites randomly to see where they are being hosted:

(Random) Updates

  • The reason I’m sharing this with you is that there are several pitfalls in the hosting trajectory. One of them is Load Time. With firebug I’ve tested the load speed of several sites mentioned above and am not really impressed. Some SEO guru claimed that every 500 miliseconds your site loads faster, your conversion betters 20%. So my focus currently is on load time.
  • I also found out that my Dutch hosting company is a reseller rather than a dedicated hosting company.
  • WordPress itself recommends hosting hosting companies. Plus recently it introduced Vip Hosting, only for the happy few.
  • Mashable and Techcrunch show load times up to 20 seconds! How come they keep being successful?
  • Booking.com, the online OTA (=On Line Travel Agent) has an amazingly short load time, less than 3 seconds. Moreover It feels slick. Same with Tripadvisor, the online review company about 2 seconds…
  • I prefer my blogs to be photo rich. Problem that causes is long load times. Since Happy Hotelier is now hosted in the US, while it used to be hosted in The Netherlands I all of a sudden see my page load time doubled or tripped. Probably because each tiny little file has to cross the Atlantic Exchange.
    I’m considering upgrading my hosting package to virtual cloud hosting, but that may be too expensive.. Another way is deploying images over a free or paid CDN (Content Delivery Network). But you could also consider to trim your blog in other ways. I’ve found some great posts in that respect:

    1. Speed Up WordPress – Ultimate Guide to make Sites Super Fast
    2. 38 Ways to optimize and speed your WordPress Blog
    3. It would have saved me tons of time if I had known this little trick on beforehand: Host Images in Subdomain


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10 thoughts on “Where are They Hosting?”

  1. Maybe you should be using VPS.net services for hosting as Yoast.com recommends. He succeeded in having very speedy loading times as Pingdom shows.

    Also, regarding image resizing, I don’t know if you use WP Smushit or puny PNG.

  2. I was speaking over help chat 2 weeks ago with someone from Bluehost and he told me they are sister companies. When I asked him which are the differences between them (as HM has lower prices than BH) the answer was: none.

    So far I’m satisfied with Hostmonster as before I had an unpleasant experience with GoDaddy.

  3. My company uses Logicworks’ Managed Cloud Hosting services. Logicworks’ is very reliable and they have been hosting for over 10 years, so they are a great hosting solution. You can check them out at http://www.logicworks.net/

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