Benji Lanyado’s Next Twitrip is heading to The Hague

Benji is the one who invented the Twi Trip, a trip solely inspired by suggestions from your Twitter followers. The ultimate Twitrip off course was the Twitchhiker adventure.

I was reading Benji’s tweet today and clicked to his write up and landed on this page:

There is no photo-shopping here other than me highlighting 2 ads. This is simply a nifty way of Booking to cookie based address their targeted audience and not one but two ads are hinting to our Haagsche Suites clickeable to the site as an idea for a stay over in The Hague. Idea for you Benji? The Guardian seems to say so:-)


So I tweeted this post to Benji:

Whereupon he answered:

I’m sure he will end up in The Hague on one of his TwiTrips one day:-)

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