16 C’s to Consider when Blogging and Engaging in Social Media

Today Yesterday I had the honor to give a presentation for 60 something hoteliers and OTA ppl at the Hotel Website Marketing conference in Amsterdam about how a blog can be a hotelier’s best friend.

I’ll upload the presentation later, but my wrap up was: 16 C’s to keep in mind when blogging and engaging in Social Media:

  1. Be Creative.
  2. Use Common Sense.
  3. Always be and remain Courteous
  4. and Considerate
  5. Get and keep Contact with your audience
  6. Connect with your audience
  7. Have Conversations
  8. Comment sensibly wherever possible
  9. Provide Content, Content and Content
  10. Within it’s own Context (subject and time frame)
  11. Be Controversial when necessary or fitting
  12. In other words: Captivate your audience
  13. And look for all opportunities to Convert lookers into bookers.
  14. Be Consistent in what you do.
  15. Co-operate with as many parties as possible
  16. Continue practicing all mentioned before.
  17. Update
    As per the comments:

  18. Be Curious (which should be number 1) Thank you Claude, as ever
  19. Don’t forget to Coordinate your web 2.0 efforts
  20. Last year I started with only 6 C‘s when I wound down from the 2009 PhocusWright ITB Berlin bloggers meeting.

    I’m reasonably sure that before the end of 2010 I’ll be able to enhance this to 20 C‘s.

    I’m not sure as to number 12. Should it be Captivate or Capture, or could Capture be a separate C? Then I would have reached 19 already.

    Update 2
    I would like to have a nice Letter C above this post. I searched for one and found this letter C which is now above the post. By pure Coincidence the same C was used for a post from The Seven ā€œCā€s of Social Interaction by @Larry Hawes

7 thoughts on “16 C’s to Consider when Blogging and Engaging in Social Media”

  1. A great list especially #3. To many bloggers, especially waiters, like to use profanity go get their message across. That’s not my style. Be respectful at all times.

    All the best to you.
    Banquet Manager

  2. Merci Guido,

    Would add this :
    – be yourself
    – have a guide line but trust people
    – be curious
    – simple “be” online šŸ™‚ it’s the first step!

    have a nice day


  3. Nice list, Guido – thanks for sharing. Something I need to work on is being more controversial – not just for it’s own sake, but willing to take a stance on things. I think it could make my content a lot more interesting, but I guess my struggle is finding a way to do that while remaining authentic and true to myself.

    Any suggestions? =)

  4. @Claude
    As ever you’re full of inspiration.
    Yes Curious is the first to consider…now I have to change my post and the presentation before uploading…

    and Listen to Claude:-)

    I hope to be reaching 20 C’s before the end of 2010.

    Eh is Capturing your audience a good English word?

    On the other hand we should not take ourselves too serious: know this link ?

  5. @Josiah

    I’m sure you have your own views. You being such a nice and caring person might get in the way of giving your own views. I struggle with it myself…I believe the solution lies in humor. If you can give it a humorous twist, your audience won’t see you’re actually dead serious.

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