Apology for my ISP

If you tried to visit me today, there is a chance you did’t get contact. All servers of my ISP Yourhosting.nl were down between 2.15 pm and 4.31 pm. I’m sorry. Also I have to rethink my move from my prior provider to this provider….Last time this happened (when I catched them) was March 6

Here is the screen shot from the announcement in the Dutch language:


They claim always accessible in their footer or do they mean always up? Well today we missed 2 hours and 16 minutes. Added to the 7 hours of March 6 that makes 9 hour , 16 minutes of a total of 8,760 in a year. Not very significant, but very annoying if you are in full editing mode.

On the positive site is that they now have a twitter account that responds. My prior ISP has several twitter accounts that don’t respond.

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