Server Migration completed – Migraine stayed away

As you can see the background is back. It’s a photo of our precious garden at Haagsche Suites.

The logo is back with another photo of the same garden.

The Avatar is back, a bit bigger in size. The main reason is it fits the design of the blog better, but I was also thinking about enabling my readers to recognize me. Whenever you meet fellow bloggers or tweeps, or even maybe guests, many people complain that they cannot recognize people form their avatars. I wouldn’t like that to happen when you meet me ­čÖé

Missing posts are back. Still some comments are somewhere in the cellar. If I don’t find them please re place your comment.

Some links have to be added here yet.

At the same time I installed Thesis theme’s version 1.6 (b2 to be exact). I fine tuned some bits and pieces. It has now color included in its core. I used it to sbring back the page navigation an slightly enhanced the visibility thereof. I lost pagination as it seems to interfere with the Thesis theme now.

I believe the ability to quickly navigate is much more important than the loading speed of the site. Therefor I brought back the full visibility of the archives and categories in the site bar. I cannot get rid of some widgets I like, because they enable me to keep contact on several platforms with my readers. These widgets also make the site a little bit slow.

In the meantime I noticed that my Google PR (Page Rank) went down from 5 to 4, but on the other hand I got back some site links that now have their own Google PR.

Curious how the SEO will work out in the future. The migration caused many errors, but the XML-sitemap generator works fine now as the server works on PHP an MySQL versions 5 which WordPress advises.

Off to sleep a bit and then ahead with the blog again.


I said no migraine, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. I can’t get a working SEO Page plugin or the WP PageNavi plugin. They did function under the prior Thesis 1.5 version but apparently not under the present version combined with the present WP version.

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