Hello world! Happy Hotelier continues on a new server

Usually this is the first post of a new Blog. I’ll leave it here as a reminder to the fact that I changed server and had to migrate  the blog from one server to another server.

This didn’t go without difficulties. I started WordPress from scratch and exported the content from the other server via an XML export and then imported the content here. I believe this gives me the best result, but I’ve lost my links and categories. Well maybe it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity and restructure my whole categories department… some SEO gurus out there would advise me I had far too many categories. I tried it via a database export and import, but in one ore another way that gave constant errors.

I hope that I can easier work with PHP version 5 on this server because that is what WordPress advises. In addition I have more space available now and hope I can re install the translation plugin without going off limit.

Added November 24, 2009:

This is the post I got with the first installation on the new server. Now at least all posts both the last post of the old server the posts added in the first installation and those of the second installationare here. During a certain period of time the installation on the old server remains in place….for if I decide to port some nitty gritty.

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