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€ 10,000 to save Panorama Mesdag

Adopting a piece of painting

  • Published: 13 October 2009
  • Modified: 27 October 2009

Deputy Mayor Marieke Bolle handed over a cheque for € 10,000 to Panorama Mesdag on 29 September on behalf of The Hague Municipal Executive. She did this to kick off the public campaign ‘Save Panorama Mesdag’ in The Hague.

In the coming time Panorama Mesdag is trying to collect as much money as possible in order to finance the museum’s urgently-needed renovation and maintenance project.
The museum is launching a campaign to save H.W. Mesdag’s gigantic panorama of Scheveningen at the end of the 19th century. Without financial support, the museum may be forced to close.

How you can help

On the special website Red Panorama Mesdag, you can become a donor for as little as € 5 (€ 5 to € 500) or you can adopt one or more sections of this beautiful painting (starting at € 1,000).
Don’t let the curtain fall. Save Panorama Mesdag!
This is a quick clip which I ill enhance with some comments later

Here are my observations: (added October 28, 13.30 hr)

  1. I’m really glad the The Hague City Council offers peace to Panorama Mesdag in this form.
  2. However, the City Council is partly to blame for the financial problems of Panorama Mesdag, since it appears there was insufficient supervision by the City Council when Hilton started building an underground parking garage very next to the Panorama building. That caused damage to the Panorama building. Panorama Mesdag has been fighting a long and costly uphill legal battle against the building permit and the building process itself and now finds itself in a situation where it has to structurally enhance the Panorama building…
  3. At least I would expect Hilton to match this gesture of the The Hague City Counsel….
  4. Note the new lay out of the The Hague website.

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