Nominated for the Dutch Bloggies with Two Blogs!


Because I’m writing my blogs in the English Language – the Dutch Bloggies site is entirely in the Dutch Language – and only about 7% of the readers of Happy Hotelier originate from the Netherlands, I never anticipated any ranking in the Dutch Bloggies Award.

So you can imagine that I’m quite amazed (and a bit proud) the Dutch Bloggies jury has deemed it worthy to nominate not only this blog, but also my significant other blog Chair Blog among 300 blogs for the public voting round of the Dutch Bloggies Award.

As of the moment of publishing this there are only 11 more hours before the public voting round of this week closes and 20 of the 300 nominated blogs will enter the final round.

If you like you can vote here.

Time permitting I will be covering the Award Ceremony as that will take place in The Hague, The Hague being an official Sponsor of the venue.

9 thoughts on “Nominated for the Dutch Bloggies with Two Blogs!”

  1. Hi Guido!
    I clicked on your “vote” link and then on your url from the list – hope that gets you a vote! Couldn’t quite make it out in Dutch – not sure if I needed to register or not. Congratulations – you deserve top honors and I’m holding a good thought for you to win.

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