Food Art – Insane Sandwiches

rubiks club wich

Rubik’s Clubwich

Thought we needed a smile after the seriousness of creativity from Chaos.

Came across this blog Insane Wiches, Insane Sandwich Fun, from which I’ll share a few good ones. He (or she?) is on Twitter as well: @insanewich, but not very communicative.



And finally this very clever


Wino Sandwich

3 thoughts on “Food Art – Insane Sandwiches”

  1. These are simply remarkable. The idea of a sandwich in a wine glass or a a cravat. The wine glass one reminds me of a souvenir you could buy as a kid from an area called the coloured sands where striking patterns were formed in a bottle from simply using the different shades of reds, browns, blacks and whites of the sands.

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