Street Art (13): Please Don't Pee in Public! – Luzinterruptus Intervention

Please Don't Pee in Public by Luzinterruptus 01 is a Spanish collective of artists specialized in Interventions. This time they draw attention to public urinating. By installing “public toilets” in places they chose by their noses, easy to find places where the smell tells, they hope to remind people to abstain from this anti social behavior. I second!


What annoys us is seeing how during the day and nigh people urinate anywhere in the streets without any embarrassment. They just walk along, turn round, zip down and, even in crowded places, seen by passers-by, let go.

Along San Ildefonso square and surrounding side streets in Madrid, Spain they installed 80 male urine containers, the ones used in hospitals, filled then with yellow water and added a little light. A powerful poetic protest I would say.

Please Don't Pee in Public by Luzinterruptus 02

Photographs from Gustavo Sanabria who also maintains a Flickr Luzinterruptus set

Via a wonderful site unurth – street art which specializes in street art from all over the world. Definitely worth a look!

5 thoughts on “Street Art (13): Please Don't Pee in Public! – Luzinterruptus Intervention”

  1. I saw a man urinating in the street right outside a police station the other night. He was very drunk, in fact he had to use the wall to lean against to stop falling over. I’m not sure he even knew where he was, they would have arrested him if anyone had come out of the police station at the time.

    I think glowing bottles might just be the thing to remind the addled mind of a drunk person what it is they’re thinking about doing.

  2. i am laughing at the day-glo colors there. i LOVE it. so creative, and funny. i think that a drunk person might be inclined to publicly urinate a bit MORE, bc there they are, reminding them!

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