Easter Monday: My own Little Easter Fairy Tale

There are several reasons to publish this Little Easter Fairy Tale here:

  1. I was inspired to take these photos of our yesterday’s Easter Brunch by the excellent close up qualities of my Panasonic DMC TZ5 with Leica Lens and 10X optical zoom. Usually I have it in my pocket and thanks to it I don’t need an Iphone or Berry with photo capacity.
  2. I would like to give a heads up for the always amazing Little People Blog that shows you what you can do with your camera in micro space
  3. I’m still struggling to find a good way of presenting a good slide show here on the blog…the above slide show is the original Flickr one. Only works when you set it to full screen with the comments on..story will be continued.
  4. Also experimenting away with my Flickr account
  5. Some peeps I referred to it on Twitter liked it, someone commented fractured Fairy Tale. Maybe you like it too:-) Lemme know!
  6. And finally would like to thank Darren who pointed me to a WP RSS footer plugin to prevent scrapers. Just installed it and it works!

3 thoughts on “Easter Monday: My own Little Easter Fairy Tale”

  1. Hi Guido:
    As always, most interesting information. I would love to know more about the RSS footer that protects against scrapers. By the way, you’re included in a post I’ve written about twitter that will appear tomorrow morning. Love to hear your take on my point of view. Cheers!

  2. For the photos on the top of my blog, I first installed the NextGen Gallery plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/ and then installed the NextGen Imageflow add-on: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-imageflow/. The problem from there was that it worked fine within a post, but how to get it into the header. It took some doing, but I finally figured it out. The designer of my theme subsequently asked if she could write a post about how I did it, using my directions and screenshots she took. I think that’s the best way to explain the steps I took. Check it out here: http://www.nickifaulk.com/2009/02/24/wp-themes-how-to-revolving-images-in-the-header/

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