DMO's Twittermania results in a Twitter Fail Whale Tattoo – How Bizarre can you Get!

This is the Tattoo
This is the example

Recently we have seen some twittermania about The ultimate Job and two other city DMO’s (stands for Destination Marketing Organization) hiring bloggers to further their goals. But this one is the ultimate (yet?).

According to the blog MGH Word of Mouth / Social Media Marketing- Baltimore This is the story:

What Won’t We Do For Our Clients?

It’s true – here at MGH WOM, we go the distance for our clients. We really mean this. In fact, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for them, and that includes defacing our body for their benefit. And, in case you are wondering what the heck we are talking about, we’d love to give you a quick recap.

On Monday, February 23, 2009, an innocent tweet went out on Twitter asking people what city would be the first to have 3,000 followers: @visitchicago or @travelportland? Both of the cities had around 2,700 followers at the time, and it was anyone’s game. But, one of our clients – the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association (@BaltimoreMD) – saw this tweet and decided that even though they only had 1,700 followers at the time, it was completely possible to hurry up and beat either one of them to it. That is where they called on MGH WOM.

So, we, being the “never turn down a challenge” competitive fools that we are, decided to stand behind @BaltimoreMD and join the challenge to see who could get 3,000 followers first by midnight.

Knowing that it was nearly impossible to collect that many new followers within the given time period, we knew we had to do something drastic. More specifically, Ryan – our WOM Strategy Director – put even more “skin in the game” by offering to get the very well-known Twitter fail whale tattoo (with Baltimore’s Natty Boh in it) if we succeeded in getting @BaltimoreMD a total of 3,000 followers by midnight. And the tattoo idea is what drove the followers.

To get the ball rolling, we tweeted from a fun account that MGH WOM built up (also known as tweetbomb) that had a big following to try to get the word out to follow @BaltimoreMD. And, within minutes of sending out the first request, the follower number began to increase…drastically.

Mashable picked up the story and thusfar got 93 diggs

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