Dutch Group Travel Blogging initiative "Spotted by Locals" wins People Award in Mashable's Open Web Awards Travel Category

Spotted by locals has won the people’s vote at Mashable’s open Web Awards in the Travel Category. Congratulations!

What is Spotted by Locals?
Spotted By Locals is a series of cityblogs for travelers who like to experience cities ‘the local way’. On every cityblog, handpicked locals (”Spotters”) write about spots they go to.

Who’s behind Spotted by Locals?
Spotted by Locals was started by two Amsterdam locals and travel addicts, Sanne & Bart van Poll. They handpick all Spotters in all cities, only after having had a face to face meeting.

Much more important than the initiators are the Spotters! Check out who they are here.

Does the world need this?
Certainly! Paper guidebooks just can’t keep up with cities: the moment they are printed, they’re already outdated. And there are many reviews of spots in cities on the internet, but they are often difficult to find or trust.

Sanne & Bart have often experienced going to a restaurant, and seeing many people with the exact same city guide on their tables. Or going to a “hip” club or bar that had been closed for a long time already. We have seen this (too) often. And we know many travellers have the same problems.

So, yes, the world certainly needs trustworthy often updated information about places real locals visit! We will make sure you can experience cities like the locals do.

Runner up in the public voting to Spotted by Locals was Geckogo.com.

About Geckogo:
GeckoGo thinks sharing travel experiences should be easy and fun. So they built a collaborative travel planning resource for independent travelers (those not interested in resort vacations).

Spotted via Ludolf Stavenga’s Reisportals:

Interestingly the Blogger’s Choice Winner in the Travel Category is Tripit with as runner up………Geckogo.com.

Alas for Couch Surfing: They lost in both instances.

One thought on “Dutch Group Travel Blogging initiative "Spotted by Locals" wins People Award in Mashable's Open Web Awards Travel Category”

  1. I have Spotted by Locals linked to my blog funnily enough. I think it’s a great idea and what they have for Rome (since I’m a local there) is pretty accurate.

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