Street Art (10): Pimp my Drainpipe

I was reviewing something else, but couldn’t leave this street art topic out: Pimp my Drainpipe.

The above modified pipes can be found in seattle and were created by Buster Simpson as part of the ‘growing vine street’ project.

This installation can be found in the Kunsthof Passage, Dresden, Germany

So simple and so poetic!

More examples?

Via Deputy Dog | pimp my drainpipe

As per the comment of Joshua Smit (Thank You!):

Update April 2010:

As per the comment of Lefrancophone (thanks!):

6 thoughts on “Street Art (10): Pimp my Drainpipe”

  1. Love the title in itself, but the pictures are amazing! When were you in Seattle? And who comes up with ideas like this?!!

  2. Hi NWY

    Always nice to see a new reader checking in.

    I have never been in Seattle. I’m an addict of Architecture, art, design and many other things and I use my blog to share my finds.

    As simple as that:-)


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these, they are incredible! I’m a big fan of when “ordinary” architectural elements are used to create something beautiful. The third one reminds me to the game Mousetrap I used to play as a kid, where you set up a little course for a marble to follow.

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