Twitter and Preparing for #WTM08 and #TBC08

The Airlines did it again for me. I’ll hop over to London by car tomorrow. Nothing Zen in trying to get a last minute flight at a decent rate.

Travel Blog Camp 2008

I’m looking forward to meet about 80 to 100 fellow travel bloggers and industry persons at Travel Blog Camp 2008 (Registration is closed) set up by Darren Cronian of Travelrants in a London Pub tomorrow evening.

The header of this post is a bit cryptic. It means that those in the know who are attending WTM 2008 will keep contact via Twitter on a self created Twitter “channel” that can be found when you do a Twitter Search on the #hashtag #WTM08 or #TBC08. If you follow the link you get a view of the discussion like this:

Twitter Search for #WTM08

Quite funny to see the Dockland Light Rail being out of order for some time at the first day of WTM 2008.

And here the result for #TBC08:

Twitter search for #TBC08

You see me spreading the word via the T-list Group on Twitter.

If you are interested, you can read back the wider discussion between the Travel Twitterati at Travel Twit {a site discontinued since]

If you want to follow me, look at: Twitter | Happy Hotelier

So now you are all geared up to follow us….off I go….

New to Twitter? Get a heads up by Sarah Evans at Mashable

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2 thoughts on “Twitter and Preparing for #WTM08 and #TBC08”

  1. I’m pretty happy now that I’ve repatriated to the US, but right now, as I read this, I’m really wishing I was joining all of you in London. And I know that if I was still expatriated, I would be.

    Enjoy. Think of us, your Yankee friends, who are envying you!

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