Travel Blog Camp 2008 (#tbc08 01)

Travel Blog Camp 2008

Just a short note with a few impressions:

Kudos for Darren for organizing it and for the speakers to get the room a bit heated up. There really were about 80 bloggers, industry reps and pr types. Location was excellent.

Roaming Tales has posted a nice summary.

I had hoped that my new Blackberry was a better instrument than it turned out to be and am probably regretting I didn’t choose for an Iphone. It was frozen during most of today. Now I have learned that the Blackberry variant of cntr alt delete is: Pull out your battery. This doesn’t necessarily means a Blackberry is a bad thing. I’m even able to freeze an Apple computer withing 5 minutes of using it.

All in all I arrived later than I anticipated and missed a speaker (Alex). But I missed a lot of what actually happened and was said anyway, because I tried to concentrate making some nice photos. Not sure how they turned out, because I rather process them at home on my own computer. So you’ll have to wait until probably Sunday when I will have some time to process them. And here, Kevin, speaks the Blogger who takes his time. A (photo) journalist would have put every effort in posting these photos today (err last night).

When after the speeches and debate I stepped outside with some fellow smokers and returned, more than 2/3rd of the people were gone already. That amazed me a bit. Haha especially Darren must have been worn out as he didn’t take me up on my offer to have another beer. Big question here: “Are the Dutch Better beer drinkers than the Brits?”

Today I took off to spend with DW. Tomorrow I will roam a bit over WTM. Anybody wanting to see me can DM me at Twitter | Happy Hotelier

CU soon

3 thoughts on “Travel Blog Camp 2008 (#tbc08 01)”

  1. Now although Darren denies it, the evidence is on the table
    Darren’s Problem seems to be Drinking two pints at Once, one glass two thirds empty, one glass a mouthful gone. This is obviously probably Fullers brewery from London, Whereas the Finished Pint is probably good old John Smith’s from Yorkshire.
    Darren looks like he is also a heavy Smoker, not content with a box of Swan Vestas, Darren also has his own branded Megabox of matches with Travel Rants on the cover of the box ( No doubt he would tell you these were his business cards!!)
    I’m sorry I missed the event Guido.
    Hopefully available for BC2

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