2008 Sleeper Magazine European Design Award of the Year for citizenM (Dutch Design 33)


I would have loved to attend the Sleepers Magazine London Sleep Event, but luckily this morning a press release in my mailbox got me up to date:

Some excerpts:

London, 7 November 2008.

The European Hotel Design Awards, presented by Sleeper Magazine on Thursday, 6 November 2008, is the premier celebration of outstanding innovations in the hospitality industry and hotel design in Europe.

“This was perhaps the most hotly contested decision I have seen the judging panel have to make in the six years I have been involved in these awards. But I think it is fair to say that the eventual winner is a hotel that stood out from the competition in all aspects of its conception. Not just it’s design and architecture, but also its use of technology, it’s marketing, its future development potential and most importantly, the seamless integration of all these into a product that offers the guest a rewarding experience. The winning project was acknowledged by the panel to be a radically new hotel concept that will have considerable influence on others in the industry for years to come.”

Says Matt Turner, editor in chief of Sleeper Magazine.

The Dutch hotel group citizenM has won the grand prize: The European Hotel Design Award of the Year.

and three awards in the categories:

“The judges looked at the added value for the guest, the concept design, various use within the hotel, the building, the property, guest experience, use of information database, to check out and unanimously award the hotel who has accomplished to achieve this within all aspects of a hotel.”

Ahmed Akudi, International Projects Director, Grohe AG

“… We’ve seen moving facades. The innovation of this hotel gives a scope and a degree of innovation… There’s one clear winner.. citizenM hotels!” Guy Dittrich, journalist.

“The art within hotel design illustrates a choice, a brand, an unique website, an experience recognisable through website, brochures and overall decor…” Juliet Kinsman, editor in chief, Mr & Mrs Smith.

Michael Levie

We are thrilled by the recognition of the European Hotel Design Awards jury. Our team and partners worked hard to create an innovative, contemporary hotel for the cost conscious traveller. We looked at every business process to enhance and improve the stay of a guest in our hotels. The result citizenM hotels has made is a quantum leap in innovation, which now is prestigiously recognised by hotel industry professionals from all over the world. says Michael Levie, CEO citizenM hotels.

My observations:

citizenM hotels opened their first hotel in June 2008 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The second hotel, close to Amsterdam’s city center, will open in April 2009. A third property in Glasgow will also open its doors next year. citizenM hotels plans to open 20 hotels in the coming 5 years in all major capital cities of Europe.

I have covered CitizenM extensively:

  1. Third Pod Hotel Concept for Amsterdam Revealed
  2. Amstelveen: Citizen M and the Neighbourhood
  3. Amsterdam CitizenM Opening (1)
  4. CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Opening (2): The Room
  5. CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Opening (3) Final Observations

I publish this for completeness sake.

However, although I admire and like the various design features and concepts and am proud that a Dutch brand is getting so much Kudos, I do believe the German chain Motel One is doing a much better job with less design features…….

The main reasons for my observation:

  1. Motel One has perfect parking facilities for those traveling by car.
  2. Motel One has rooms you can occupy with two persons rather than one. This has to do with the place of the double bed of a citizenM room: You can’t enter your bed without crawling over your partner or have him / her crawling over you.
  3. Motel One has a separate perfectly designed fully fledged bathroom opposed to the citizenM bath “sphere”.
  4. Motel One has windows you can open.

Also interesting see a Mr & Mrs Smith representative in the jury…. I wonder if the distinguished members of the jury have had the honor of sleeping in a citizenM room….

A final question: Would you expect so much online coverage for a Hotel chain from an agency with such website :Birgit Schmoltner?

3 thoughts on “2008 Sleeper Magazine European Design Award of the Year for citizenM (Dutch Design 33)”

  1. The question is: Who would expect so much online AND PRINT coverage from an agency with such website? … Size does not matter 😉
    ……. All the best, Birgit Schmoltner
    global PR & Communications services

  2. Hi Birgit.

    You grasped exactly the background of my question.
    Sometimes I’m wondering if we geeks are not focused too much on internet as compared to ordinary people……look at the Hotel Costes site for example. It is still possible to do business without (too much) internet…..nothing to do with size:-)



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