Congratulations USA and World!

Yes, I’ve sat and partially slept through CNN covering the US Elections, but I woke up when at 6.00 AM local time CNN announced the landslide winning (beating all polls) of Obama and I have seen both speeches.

I believe that Mc Cain was sort of relieved that he did not win. I would at his age. I found his speech very gracious when he conceded Obama had won and appealed to everybody to unite and work with the President. Partly his military upbringing was speaking, I believe. I thought: “What a shame he didn’t beat Bush in 2004”. Although not a great natural speaker, I believe he would have made a very decent President.

Obama’s speech was a very good beginning of his presidency. I was fascinated by the number of people gathered to celebrate. I was fascinated by how many people he had inspired to vote. I loved his analogy with the 106 year old lady from Alabama who had seen everything and went out to vote for the first time in her long life. I was fascinated by his subdued demeanor and conclusion “Back to work, folks, there is a lot do and a long way to go” in stead of partying throughout the night. It seems to me that Obama is a man who is able to lead the US and the rest of the world out of the dark tunnel we are presently in. I’m also glad the Democrats are unlikely to get a 60-40 majority in the Senate. There will be some items left they will have to negotiate over and compromise to keep the country united. Finally I was surprised that with all the excitement of the people gathered in Illinois, within an hour after Obama’s speech everybody had left the place: back home for the next day of work or school. Congratulations to all of us! It was a historic moment!

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