Quote of the Day (8): John Cleese on the US Elections – Obama – Palin

I had vowed not to piggy back on the US elections, but this video is way too hilarious and serious not to share with you:

Cleese on the US elections:

It is so important that Barack Obama is elected, because the The World is treating America now a little bit like the village idiot of the international community…

Cleese on Sarah Palin:

What fascinates me is how people watching her on television. Can they not see that she has basically learned certain speeches? ….. like a nice looking parrot….?

Also fascinating: The number of views an excerpt of this interview, labeled “John Cleese on Sarah Palin” gets on You Tube is over a million whereas this version one only got some 45 thousand…..

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day (8): John Cleese on the US Elections – Obama – Palin”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I was afraid for a moment we had lost you to murder stories, but see to my satisfaction you have picked up the Blog stylus again at Opus and your own site: So I don’t have to add Opus to my Dead Blogs Society yet:-)


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