Quote of the Day (20) – no D.O.M. but S.S.C.

Long time no quotes, but here is one;-)
I’m not a Dirty Old Man, but a Sexy Senior Citizen is an apt sign I saw at the back of a car.

Quote of the Day (19) – Men See….

Often Men only see the Tip of the Iceberg

Often Men only see the Tip of the Iceberg

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Quote of the Day (18) – Dirty Old Men…

Dirty Old Man Need Love Too

Dirty Old Man Need Love Too!

The group with whom I toured The Hague where I found the sign suggested the house where we found it might have been used by certain ladies of certain pleasures…. I don’t know. What is clear from the photo is that the typical Dutch habit of polishing such plaques at the front has obsoleted the paint over the years…

Another Happy Hotelier at TED – Quote of the Day (17)

Chip Conley, the Joye de Vivre Hotel brand owner, shares how happiness influences his business. He quotes Einstein: “Not everything that counts in life can be counted

Quote of the day (16): A Food Designer is…

“A food designer is somebody working with food, with no idea of cooking”

Inga Knölke, 1999

Via Food-Designing.com