The Hague: 1 City/2 Days/20 Venues/200+ Artists – TodaysArt 2008 (2) The Opening

I attended the opening. First, as a Happy Father, I would like to introduce DanceGirl, my daughter number 2 with her TimberBoy, lead singer of the band “New Vera” (unfortunately not featured at the venue). DanceGirl was responsible for the dance part of 2008 Todays Art. I’m sure she doesn’t like to be featured. But may I be a bit proud?

The opening was at The Hague Central Station. First there were drinks with the unavoidable (?) mess after drinks.

Then after some speaches, pictures of which I will add at a later stage, the The Hague Alderman for Culture, Jette Klijnsma, gave the opening signal.

BB (Be Back) L8ter.

And this is the impression of the openings concert.

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