Street Art (8): The Kos Bush Cars

First i didn’t notice it,

but when looking twice I spotted a car,

a vintage French Citroen

a Citroen Deux Cheveaux (or 2CV)

The second a vintage British

Pinin Farina designed Triumph Herald.

They are on the opposite sides of the street a 50 meters apart.

Recently I was touring the Greek Isle of Kos on a scooter and came by two shops in a little city outside the city Kos. I lost the name of the place, but am sure it will come back to me.
A wonderful combination of sustainably preserving vintage cabrio cars and guerrilla marketing.

This post is especially devoted to us, my wife and me, because a Ciroen 2CV (or Ugly Duck) was my first own car and the one we got married in and traveled in for our honeymoon and also devoted to a fellow TrendHunter who is “Unamused by the complexities of coaxing a 40 year old car through it’s MOT” while her car ( a Triumph Herald) is in far better state than this one, LOL.

One thought on “Street Art (8): The Kos Bush Cars”

  1. These are wonderful photos! I agree with you about the combination of vintage cabrio cars and guerrilla marketing. Would it be possible to post one of them in a community site now launching in Greece?


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