The Dutch and 2008 EK Football (Soccer) (3): The Basel Ad

With Spain we have a worthy European Football Champion now that it defeated Germany with 1-0.

The Dutch and 2008 EK Football (Soccer) (3): The Basel

In Basel the Dutch team lost from the Russians under a Dutch coach.

Yesterday The Swiss City of Basel thanked the Dutch Football fans in an ad of a whole page in a Dutch Newspaper for the good time they had in Basel and asks to send photos and stories to their Basel 2008 Football site under the Tag: “Basel, more than 90 minutes”. Those who do can win a stay in Basel in a 5 star hotel.

Now this is an exemplary way of marketing a city!

Update July 2, 2008:
And here is a link to a promotional video of the city of Basel which shows many weeping woman who would like to see the football fans back under the tag: “We would like to see you back! Discover the Swiss + (Plus)”. Alluding to the cross in the Swiss flag.

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