May 15: Bloggers Unite!

In an initiative to unite the power of bloggers around the world BlogCatalog has launched BlogCatalog – Blogging For Hope, an initiative to pay attention to human rights worldwide.

I second the initiative and would like to address three items myself:

  • I would like all Authorities to reconsider their post 9/11 madness with fingerprinting everyone and everybody who wants to travel, apply for a passport or for a visum. See my post The Finger of Suspicion;
  • I would like to ask the Olympic Games athletes to follow the suggestion and be colored orange/red during the opening ceremony to draw silent attention to what China did and does in and with Tibet. Visit Amnesty’s page China: Olympic Legacy;
  • I would like the USA to reconsider their policy of keeping “terrorists” outside of their fine jurisdiction in Guantanamo Bay. Please visit Amnesty International’s Denounce Torture: Get Involved! I do hope a new Democratic oriented US Government will terminate this shameful theater;

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