Amsterdam – Restaurant Freud: a Must Visit

Amsterdam - Restaurant Freud Dish
Amsterdam – Restaurant Freud: Mad Dish

If you don’t make a reservation, it may become a Madhouse!

Amsterdam - Restaurant Freud Front
Amsterdam – Restaurant Freud: Front

Their motto is aptly chosen, if you don’t make a reservation, chances are they are fully booked.

Amsterdam - Restaurant Freud Interior
Amsterdam – Restaurant Freud: Interior

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me last week when I had an excellent lunch at Restaurant Freud. Now I have only the photo’s of their site on show here.

It was opened almost a year ago by Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen. Despite his promise to have dinner there soon, he hasn’t shown up until today, but he should take my advise and really pay it a visit.

The restaurant is set up as a reintegration project for patients with a psychiatric background. I have never seen waiters, waitresses, cooks and barman with more love and care for their work than here.

Until now it has no English language site. It should have!

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Restaurant Freud: a Must Visit”

  1. Mmmm…not sure if it would be appropriate to take my mother and father to eat there with that name!

  2. Uhm, your name, their name or its name?

    But all kidding aside, your mum and dad will not be much older than I am, if I say it is a must then it is a must, even for them:-)

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