Travel Blog Carnival Week 2

Travel Blog Carnival Venetian Logo

The Travel Blog Carnival is taking off

For week 2 Claude Benard of Les Explorers made the choice.

A Travel Blog Carnival Logo?

In the meantime Claude also made various proposals for a new logo in his post Travel Blog Carnival Logo: Please make your Choice.

My first reaction (and comment) was:
“Thinking Carnival is Thinking Rio. why not put a sexy Rio Dancer in the Logo?”

But then I remembered that I have a nice Venetian Mask, hand made in Venice and certified by the artist, Ca’ Macana (yes, I have their book on masks!). So i thought: “Why not take another Famous Carnival, that of Venice into account?”
et voila:
Here is my own proposal. I believe it enhances the curiosity, as a mask always gives some mystique sphere. In addition when you attend a masked ball everybody is “Primes inter Pares” i.e. the first under the like minded. There is no shame if your post is not chosen. I hope we will not get the same voting problems here as we have with Eurovision Song Festivals:-).

Claude, or other readers, feel free to morph it into a button if you like it!

Claude’s Choice:

  • Fun New Years Resolutons from Theresa Russel on Cruise Bug Chatter, currently ranking no 241 on the T-List Technorati ranking (she should mend her Technorati account!).
  • Are Customer Comment Cards Worth the Effort? from Vicky Brock on Tracking Tourism, currently ranking no 167 (yes I managed to add her!).
  • Travel Events in 2008 from poetloverrebelspy on Less than a Shoestring

Darren’s Selection:

Might Follow.

My comments and questions:

Great finds Claude! The last blog I didn’t know yet. A blog that is already involved in or setting up a Carnival of its own: Travel on a Shoestring Blog Carnivals.

Ha ha, It may take a short time but then we will see Paul launching a Luxury Blog Carnival:-). It is a lot of work Paul!

No finds from me today, however I noted that like for instance Albert, Claude and Guillaume and me who all struggle with the fact that our mother tongue is not English and the question how to combine the posts in two languages, another Travel Blogger has an English version of his Spanish Blog put on line: Nautilia, traveling in a strange way.


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