The Death of the Travel Blog

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The provocative title “The Death of the Travel Blog” drew my immediate attention to the blog “Make The Great Escape”.

Read the post and see for yourself what I mean: A refreshing new approach to travel blogging.

That is what i mean with a Gem. I found it while updating my T-List somewhere between the Technorati backtags, even before Worldhum referred to it, but reminded me to pay some attention to it.

Most certainly the Worldhum attention for a Travel related Blog barely a month old will draw some more attention to them. Now I only hope they keep hanging in.

Added December 23, 2008:
I noted the blog was discontinued. So I deleted all links. From time to time you have to check your old posts and old links… Food for a post about The Dead Travel Blogs Society. This is an analogy to a former life of mine as a Rosarian. Many rose I used to grow died after one or two years and became members of my Dead Roses Society.

Edit June 20, 2009
In my prior edit I left the Worldhum link where it was. It amazes me that Worldhum doesn’t have a linkchecker on its site….now I took the link to Worldhum that in itself links to the dead blog, away from here.

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