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It was a hassle, but also fun to udate the T-List .

Here are some backgrounds, as I hope to get some advice from a more technical guy or girl who can give me some guidance (or maybe even a snipped of code) as I would like the list to be searcheable and thus sortable.

Why did you do it?

I did it, because my first approach of keeping track of the additions to the original T-List by simply deli icio us tagging them as T-List or TB-List and then widgeting them into a page of this Blog didn’t satisfy me anymore: The Deli Icio us widget provides a maximum of 100 links only. The number of links was nearing 200, so I would have to create a third del icio us tag TC-List and corresponding widget.

In a short time I will also update the T-List page with an updated list in stead of a widget and split the T-List and The L-List page in two pages.

How did you do it?

I wanted to bring more order in the list. I know that with advanced PHP / SQL techniques you can solve the problem (and the sorteability), but I am not that expert in PHP / SQL (yet). However I know the bit that you can export cell entries from a spreadsheet into a Database format. So I started to fudge around with a quatropro spreadsheet and exported it into HTM, then I picked it up in Dreamweaver, cropped it a bit so that its width would not ruin my template. I hear you moan “A Quattro Pro Spreadsheet?”. Yes the reason is that when you try to do this in Excel you have less export possibilities than in Quattro Pro and I am still a Word Perfect afficianado.


The T-list started as an idea of Matthieu Ouillet of Radar

Other Communities?

Yes! To me it seems there is an explosion of Travel Related Blogs (and not to forget an implosion of abandoned Travel Related Blogs).

  • Bloggers Choice Award 2008 with currently listed more than 630 Travel related Blogs
  • The Bobs Which means so much as Best of the Blogs. It is an initiative of Deutsche Welle and is multi lingual. It counts 184 Blogs under its Travel tag
  • The Blog Topsites & Blogflux combination. The link points to currently the latest page of its Travel related Blogs, counting 645 Blogs

So why do you keep wading through all those Blogs?

Very simple: Among them there are gems to be found. I like to share my finds. I also want to encourage those gems. I myself got encouraged by others in the field when I started to go on with what i did.

In the meantime (my version of) the list has grown to over 250 blogs. I found some gems already.

Keep in touch!

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