Boston: Charles Street Jail opened as The Liberty Hotel

Boston Liberty Historic Picture

This week sees the opening of the former Boston Charles Street Jail reborn as The Liberty Hotel after an US $ 150 mio acquisition / refurbishment of 5 years.

The luxury hotel features 300 rooms (i.e. a US $ 500,000 investment per room) of which 10 lavish suites. Not all rooms are crammed in the old Jail, rest assured. There is a modern high rise next to the old Jail dating back from 1851.

Boston liberty 02

The Jail House past comes back in a specially commissioned mosaic by Coral Bourgeois featuring multi- textured tiles depicting historical scenes from penitentiaries and true life crimes, in “do not disturb” door hangers wisely worded Solitary and Alibi, and in the first floor bar that is housed within the jail’s former Drunk Tank.

Ah, they have Molton Brown bathroom amenities, which reminds me I have a rant in my sleeve about Molton Brown.

Via Hotels of The Rich and Famous Blog

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