Is your Betty Ready?

My Betty is Ready

Nancy Jarecki of NYC hadn’t planned on starting a cosmetics company, until a few years ago she noticed in a Roman hair salon a ritual whereby the ladies leaving the shop got a small envelope from their haircolorist. Asked what that was about, the receptionist answered “Per sotto per farli cobocaiari” meaning “For the hair down there”.

Back in the USA her own hair salon owner friend told her that there were no special coloring sets for the nether parts available in the USA, and if they would be available she believed her clients would love them as she would love to use them herself (admitting having a couple of gray hairs down there).

So Nancy started up Betty Beauty Com.

The amount of media attention she got in the mean time is astounding: According to Advertising Age of November 2006 an Alexa projected number of 2 mio unique visitors will hit her site on an annual basis. Allure of November 2006 applauded her under the funny title “Bush meet Betty ” for breaking a taboo.

Am I off topic? I don’t believe so. I think it is an excellent idea and it would be an excellent extra amenity for a Hotel or a Spa, a place where usually you have a little more time to soak in a nice bad and pay some extra attention to your body, than you allow yourself at home. Finally: if you look at my picture at the right, I believe you will understand that I know how the gray among us think:-)

Thanks to Constance’s Dutch Shopping Blogo

However, if you believe it to be too much of a hassle to color it down there, you can always think about using this line of Picture Perfect Panties:


The line will become available in black, brunette, blond and maybe red and perm also

Thanks to The Cool Hunter’s Pic of the day.

If you click through to the Flickr page you will find a male undie idea as well.

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