A Skeleton Attache: Ideal if you have no secrets nor dirty laundry.

Skeleton Attache 01

Hideo Stores stores sells this stylish attache. The designer is Hideo Wakamatsu, a Japanese designer based in Tokyo. He draws on Japanese and French design traditions.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Hideo is the scion of a family business that is Japan’s leading maker of “randoseru”raditional Japanese schoolbags. After studying Japanese and French art and literature in university in Japan, Hideo moved to Paris where he spent the next ten years immersing himself in European culture and working with a wide range of bag makers. He then brought this experience back to the family business in Japan, where his brand is headquartered. Hideo now lives in Tokyo, but regularly travels throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

It is also available in a trolley version. Maybe something to put your laptop in, so that you don’t have to take it out at the airport security (?).

2 thoughts on “A Skeleton Attache: Ideal if you have no secrets nor dirty laundry.”

  1. This is cool…This could even become a vanity kind of thing for people such that people can advertize their own belongings that they are proud of…It seems very in tune with the young people on MySpace and youTube etc.

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