The Trump Blog: A hilarious k.i.s.s. comment

Yes, Mr “The Don” Donald Trump himself Blogs as well. In a recent advice to Keep It Short, Quick, Crisp and Clean or K.I.S.S. he gives some advice, but look at the comments of his post where I found this one:

Posted by member1528271 on 03/06/2007 10:25 AM

Hi Mr. Trump. I am a chinese student in GuangZhou.

Tonight, a hearsay arounds me: You are bankrupt.

And I think “Oh! Gee! This cool guy is caught in bankrupt again?!”

Then I think “He is bankrupt means he has 1.7billion buck to rebuild his owning bussiness”

I don’t believe in that hell hearsay I mean. Now it is proved!

I think you are the guy if you are in desert and come across a commercia team, you will back on your track and get rich again.

In my opnion, you are the finally winner though “The Apprentice”, right?

I am appiciate to leave here, thank you!

By the way your chinese name is ???(Donald) ??(Trump)

There are more hilarious comments and I must say I appreciate The Don for not moderating them.

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