The New T-List

The New T-List

The T-List (and L-List) initiative is spreading and spreading.

I try to keep track of both on my T-List and L-List page and before I add the suggestions of Cesar, I counted today 122 T-Listed Blogs and 44 L-listed Blogs.

And now Cesar Gonsales of the multi authored Argentina’s Travel Guide has given it a further kick by his post The New T-List and giving us an easy to read Table of the T-List which is most informative and he also created a new logo.

Cesar is the is the Layout-and-Code- Monkey-in-Residence for Argentina’s Travel Blog. He will occasionally sneak in a post, but for the most part stays behind the scenes and lives vicariously through reading (and editing, and laying out, and uploading) the wonderful adventures of our other writers.

But Cesar has to do a little bit more of copying and pasting when he wants to make the list complete 🙂

Great Idea by the way to put your country on the map: A Country Travel Blog Guide.

Its amazing to see how these initiatives start to reflect all over the world. Also notable is that the more the lists spread, the more well known travel and tourism Blogs are creeping into the lists:-)

After adding Cesar’s suggestions I count 133 blogs on the T-List

2 thoughts on “The New T-List”

  1. Thanks for picking up the new T-List Happy Hotelier! (Can I call you HH?) What I like about these lists is that I’ve gotten to discover many great blogs (like this one) without having to hit a lot of duds. Good job on keeping the lists up-to-date and giving them their own home. It makes for a good place to come back and keep an eye on them.

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