Waiter Rant

It took me some time to vote for the Travvies, mainly because I carefully inspected all the finalists and also the nominees, because methodically as I sometimes am, I wanted to know whether I missed something. The reading took me to some lists of travel writers and also to the 2007 Bloggies and found there Waiter Rant.

The writer remains anonymous because:

There are many books about waiting tables penned by frustrated authors and wannabe loser actors, so why should I add my tiny voice to the fray? Because all of these treatments are milquestoast pussywhipped stories written so as not to offend anyone. I read these books and I get a sneaking suspicion that the author is afraid he/she will be found out and lose their job. Inhibited bullshit. F*ck that.

I will remain anonymous so I can tell people what this job and working in the great American “service economy” is really like! All I will say is I am a waiter in a high end restaurant in the NYC area. The stories are true but some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent ( and my self form litigious customers!).

An excellently written Blog I do agree with the Bloggies.

Also nice to see that my Chocolate and Zucchini find is nominated for 2007.

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